About Us

The Luc­ub­rat­ory is many things.


First, it was a word, a word which meant ‘com­posed by candle­light, or by night; of or per­tain­ing to night stud­ies; labor­i­ous or painstak­ing’. It was a word unfor­tu­nately little-used. We gave it a home in our ima­gin­a­tions, and so it became:


A place. In an inven­ted world, under­neath two cit­ies lying on the banks of a silty river, it was a secret world – part brothel, part print­ing press, part gin joint, part door­way to other worlds. Of couse, door­ways to other worlds are, as is well known, prone to open­ing at unex­pec­ted moments, and so it became:


A web­site, a col­lab­or­at­ive writ­ing blog. This is what you see before you: a col­lect­ive of writers and dream­ers and wish­ers, who have come together to show you their work. Most are from Can­berra, Aus­tralia, though our minds are very often else­where. We hope you enjoy our creations.