A Suggestion Regarding Poets

Wrote this ten minutes ago. I’d let it sit and think about itself a little while longer, but uned­ited things are fun too!

It is a well-known fact that
Poets write more poetry
When it rains; the rain
Lub­ric­ates the ima­gin­a­tion
And sharpens the senses
And gives flut­tery form to words.

It is a well-known fact that
Poets write less poetry
When it’s hot; the sun
Dulls the mind and sweat
Smudges the ink and poets
For­get who they are.

But so much hap­pens
In the sun; unpo­etic creatures
Like snakes and flies and bogans
Clutch at the heat and bask
On long still noondays,
So much hap­pens
Like the hid­den wars of ants
And arche­ology and lem­on­ade
That doesn’t hap­pen in the rain
That poets miss out on.

I sug­gest we farm
Poets in rainy lands
On vast poetry farms
With paper for fer­til­iser
And wine for water,
With ink and tea
To help them grow
And books of words
To delight and inspire.

We should farm them so
And then export them
To cit­ies of end­less sun;
Plant them out­side
In large clay pots
And instruct them to write
While they still have rain
In their skin and eyes and
When they dry up,
We’ll mulch them up
And sprinkle them under
Lemon trees
Because poets make lemon trees grow.

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