You Are My Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Another slam poem – one I keep for­get­ting to put up. After writ­ing things like this I prob­ably shouldn’t be allowed to write any poetry, at all, ever ever.

You are my Fukushima Nuc­lear Plant.
When I saw you, my heart beat
Like an earth­quake. I wanted
To get to know you bet­ter. Because you’re beau­ti­ful.
I gave you a wave,
Just a wave, a little one,
All I wanted
Was to say ‘Hi!’
And there you go, explod­ing,
Our rela­tion­ship isn’t built on love any more.
It’s built on nuc­lear fusion.
And you can’t make a home from nuc­lear fusion.
You can’t raise kids with nuc­lear fusion.
They’d die. It’d be awful.
So you exploded, not even once,
You know, you made your point the first time,
You didn’t have to waste all that flam­mable gas
Just to tell me you hate me.
I can see you hate me.
I’m just try­ing to get to know you bet­ter.
And you know what?
I’m going to start cry­ing now,
And if my tears carry your nox­ious pol­lut­ing waste
All the way across Japan, killing thou­sands of home­less
Japan­ese people,
Well, that’s your fuck­ing fault, isn’t it?
I didn’t want for this hap­pen!
I didn’t want for any of it to hap­pen!
All I did was give you a little wave!

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