The Black Swans

Black Swans

© Ketha.Ledchu


the black swans
sweep up the sky
in the even­ing,
clear­ing the heav­ens until
we can see the
heart of things above us:
stars and darkness.


the black swans
fly silently, black wings like
grave­stones in the air,
eyes look­ing
straight ahead.


the black swans
dare not look down.
the black swans
dare not see
the world in the even­ing:
factor­ies wreathed in sun­set fumes
hol­low chil­dren swollen futile who have for­got­ten
what milk tastes like.
coral like old men’s scalps
dead in warm water.
Allah and Jehovah
hid­ing in bunkers
afraid to show their faces
afraid of bombs,
they never asked for bombs;
men killing men again and
again and


(we do not kill black swans, the black swans say.
but they dare not look down.)

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