Two Poems About Lakes

Just come back from a road trip from Can­berra to Mildura and back, my head is full of thoughts, water, dust, desert flowers, roads, places; more things here later.

These are two poems about lakes.

Lake Mul­wala
Some­times the world is too
big; on the stillest
bright­est day
the sky shifts,
slips off
old bear­ings
and with a mur­mur
(too loud for us to
even ima­gine)
falls to the earth:
there we find it
without mean­ing to;
propped up
(like by a clumsy child
play­ing with his brother’s Lego)
attached to dead trunks,
the Vel­cro scrub of moun­tains
flop­ping like skin in lake water
where the fish come to nibble at it
till it is light enough
to rise once more
pulling the paper parade
flags of its birds
back into



Lake Kangaroo
Hav­ing con­fused
Geo­metry and geo­graphy
In high school (an easy error)
I set off west
On a day like the Euc­lidean plane,
Leav­ing the com­plex for­mu­las
of Can­berra round­abouts
I came here
To under­stand width.
Where tra­cing my own circle
With sun­scrunched eyes
I see noth­ing but hori­zon,
Where water and land and sky are
One, where the rules of
Math­em­at­ics break down,
Where joy and loneli­ness and silence
Are all expressed ∞.

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