The Swamp Man

This is a poem about love and swamps.

I love you in the sun­light,
peel cica­das from your skin
lie in trancestill lan­guor,
watch the birds as the birds watch
us with dark eyes.

I love you in the sun­light,
wrap you in sea­weed
dream in lakesilt
watch the fish as the fish watch
us with hol­low eyes.

I love you in the sun­light,
twine through tree­roots,
drink sap and silence,
watch the trees as the trees watch
us without eyes.

I leave you in the deep night,
scream on the lakeshore,
howl into pine­glades,
bind you in batwings,
I find me a swamp man.

I’m his in the night­time,
we luc­ub­rate in bog­pits,
our hearts beat like thun­ders,
our lust glows like marsh­gas,
our moans frighten nightowls,
we reek of each other.

I leave him before sun­light,
He sinks into the quag­mire,
The mud cracks in day­heat,
I find you in silence,
expect­ing my presence.

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