Read What You Will

Into words that oth­ers spill
side-ways out of mouths
pro­cessing vow­els, non-blinking like night owls.


Read what you will into our tangled
web of wiry words
spread on coun­ters, dashed out on curbs.


Read what you will into our pages
of ink-spat scribbles
record­ing for pos­ter­ity our mind dribbles -
moth eaten threads, dead-ends and scrawled bends
built up from night-trogen dens and late night dives.


Read what you will
through theses gaps and holes,
we try to speak through the pages in the spaces
between the red wine, the black and white lines.
Fill it with our trans­lated vis­ions of places
Read what you will
It’s here for your mind to fill.


- Can­berra 2012

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