NewActon Summer

Sweaty feet in black suede boots –

just                   undo!

-          So easy to

slip on and off now they come with zips!


Type writer t-shirt walks passed things hidden

and for­got­ten. I hide -

under dirty­ing flesh-coloured rub­ber bandages

-          my infec­ted skin,

embar­rassed that I am vul­ner­able to these things.


I watch street artists, sexy in their suave skinny ways,

breath out        compressed-pressure-scenes of

sur­real mon­sters and con­ges­ted city sites.


I want

to spray paint                cloud    scapes

in alley ways

so we can slip behind façades and remember

warm beer sum­mer blaze.


But if you wanna be cool these days – that’s just not how it’s done.

And I see that ugly can be fun.

But I want to be in


when I cum.


I close my eyes, made of broken beach glass bottles

while all of my female friends are


in love

with each other.

Smelling – in the late warm weather lung –

the per­fume of each oth­ers’ pollen.


with the slow bloom of bul­bed flowers

just to press thighs and lips against petals.


And I dream of skies.

- Can­berra 2012

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