Magnetic Minds

thoughts as strings of elec­tronic dis­tance between neur­ons
these syn­aptic stair­ways do not exist
and emo­tions
as cul­min­a­tions of hor­monal migra­ti­ory asso­ci­ation through
the blood­stream do not exist either.
All these things are the gaps between reality.


And by real­ity I mean phys­ical being.


And by phys­ical being I mean:

that which is con­cen­trated out of energy fields
strong enough to repel each other
So as to cause (the illu­sion) of mass.


But pass your hand through your thoughts
and they’ll still keep run­ning.
Move away from your part­ner
and your body will still keep longing.


Mag­netic fields are the earths heart strings.


- New­castle 2011

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