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In most experiments, non-polarizable electrodes, attached to the

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in both of which urobilin was found in great excess in the urine.

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Next year when both are done, and Boy-o’s nearly three

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of the liver. In most cases of cirrhosis ascites is the first symptom

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Parboil fifteen minutes. Then make a triangular cut in the

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contractures and atrophy of the muscles. This latter is sometimes due largely

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this school shall form an exaniplc to which they can point

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being accomplished, all the distressing sensations of the sto-

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per consist of " porridge and new milk." We would, there-

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a suitable air-temperature, but also moisture. Hence low-lying,

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P. M. Dr. Williams saw her in the second convulsion, and described it as

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diameter, I introduced in three cases spoons and fingers into

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in right upper. On the sixteenth, consolidation of left upper and

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the reasons for the opinion of the judges in the case of Rex v. CampAin: —

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operation, the abscess extended upward behind the peritoneum

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may be determined whether the disease be dependent upon hereditary

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and digestion are poor. She is very sensitive to pressure in the

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ascertain the differences that exist between vaccine bodies as found in

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gummata. (Annual Report of Army Med. Depart, for 1861.)

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and Scholars of Trinity College is restricted, by the will of the

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Dr. J, Berrien Lindsley, of Nashville, Tenn., Treasurer.

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