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atrophy, marked by entire loss of appetite and great wasting.

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is well to mention, with Professor Ferraton, that the dress-

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held its thirty-fourth annual meeting in Albany, Feb. 10 and 1 1

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ogical Club as well as of the Brooklyn Institute, of the

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surgical side of medical practice. Dr. John is a member of the West-

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that age possesses to-day, he embarked for this country.

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the diaphragm, the dome of which corresponds with a

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ing, rushing, or roaring sound. There are certain other subjective sensations —

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Amputation. — Amputation should be reserved primarily

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lain vessels should be used as filtering media, the external sur-

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In 1884 he engaged in private practice, which steadily increased as

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Dr, Sims, in your work of chanty and benevolence ! Al-

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use of mental influences to as great an extent as possible in the prac-

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a number of joints suffer, so that any monarticular arthritis should not be

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scribed ; again, the bullet acts by puncture, and especially

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ad. It requires less time. 3d. It is more easily done ; and,

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The New York Obstetrical Society, The New York Acad-

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practice of medicine as a fully qualified Doctor of Medicine. Dr.

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be considered a matltr of sentiment, as Mrs. Lines had

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of iron, pure carbonate of potassium, each 150 to 225 gr. (gm. 10 to 15) ;

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that a pause, however brief, of somewhat sorrowful meditation,

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other, and will punctuate the progress of history by its

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proved in temperature, but was still below the normal standard ;

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pital, Mt. Sinai Hospital, and Emeritus Professor of Surgery in the

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''Gentlemen, there was in ancient times a ship that

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as frequently, in the descendants of the habitues of fashionable

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arranged provings of drugs, and to secure and fully and fairly

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eral anthropometric tables, based upon an accurate test of

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Congress held in Berlin in 1890. He was reappointed as Professor

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military activities of the State, having held the appointment of sur-

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Baltimore, a sister of Bishop Isaac L. Nicholson, of Mil-

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and his performance. Consequently, on Nov. 3, he writes thus

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Treatment of Insanity and Idiocy," " Early Interference

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the disease of the convolutions ? The question as to whether

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In the first case there will be slight suppuration of the

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next year as a wise choice. In regard to the claim that the

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well without alkalies, but in obstinate cases, or if cardiac complications de-

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