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College, Manchester; C. M. Atkinson, University College; S. B.

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the immediate neighbourhood, and mostly connected with the same

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thyroid cartilage were left. The growth removed weighed

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the disease, supervision of reformatory and penal procedure,

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so large, that this the oldest of Medical Societies in London

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and that for it the name "chronic splenic cachexia" appeared

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very often be inflicted on the dispenser of poisonous specifics.

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And again, if we may assume (as we think we may with all

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period in the thirty-three large English towns. Among these Sco ch towns

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BHCoud and third ribs, and put a ligature round the upper

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is still required to work with most inadequate means. Throughout the

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provides for one pumping station only, so it is difflcult to see how a

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ing the pay of the grade is increased by 10 per cent, until 40 per cent, is

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prevent further spread of the disease? Perhaps more so,

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"We, the Council of the Royal College of Surgeons of

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form of perforation, and mentions a case of Czerny's" in which

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easy to get the magistrates to make an order for the abatement of the

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these regulations, and the volumes quoted do not deal with allowances.

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semen from passing into the vagina, compelling the subject

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seen for the first time (January, 1889) was sufl'ering from ab-

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be supported, because (1) the history of tlie syphilis hypo-

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necessary, absolutely costless, and much-needed step in ad-

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that 18 days is probably the usual period. In a considerable

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this treatment was repeated for a month, at the end of which

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must be provided, and in one of my cases this was through a

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was also in the Bhootan camp*ign in 1865-66 (medal with clasp).

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EvEET year there descends upon the great cities of the United

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hydrate, the two hydrogen atoms of which are replaced by two

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lliat he would have charged him if his son had been at his i evidence at

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the right hand occurred. Some present tl^oujiht ibis a st mi-

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Thbeb members of Council, Sir William Savory, Mr. Mac-

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Surge'V.—A. E Bodiogton, cambi iige University and Middlesex Hos-

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Then the animal suffers from loss of appetite and obstinate

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