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glycosuria when the use of alcohol was kept within moderate limits.

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in moderation. Cream of tartar lemonade is often very agreeable to

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such as sugar, peptone, egg albumen, and hsemoglobin (Adams Bridges,

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ingly prominent, and are frequently associated with acid dyspepsia,

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data given in Table III. it follows that, if desired, a portion of the

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able diversity. Rheumatism seizes ui)on the larger joints of the ex-

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is found in 1.7 per cent, of cases (Rosenstein). It lasts for a few to many

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compelled to seek relief in the public hospitals. But, even when the

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of heat necessary to raise one kilogram of water 1° C. Careful inves-

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ol)servations and researches in the malarial district of the Agro

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the proper treatment, of arthritis deformans ; and that the theories as

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inch, pour a pint of boiling water. Let it stand and settle, turn off

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behind. Or, to iridectomy, which is the name given to the removal

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dency to the formation of pus. In order to distinguish these two

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lie will easilj^ reacli an amount of 40 grams of alcohol a day, repre-

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of bone grates upon another, and is a certain indication of fracture.

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he is prostrated. But examination of the urine, indicating the pres-

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Pure water is destitute of smell and taste and is colorless except

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of it. The swf)llen, painful feet interfere with spontaneous move-

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While dropsy in acute scarlatinal nephritis is usually quite general, it is

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Tuttle — Dr. Joseph M. Smith as professor of materia medica —

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observations, the answer to the question, what is to be understood

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wherever the scarfskin is removed. It varies in thickness in differ-

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with distilled water. After the filter and precipitate have been al-

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inflammation subsides. The presence of a larger quantity gives ver3^

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has been effected during the nineteenth century has diminished the

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The most important cause of the formation of the acetone substances

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which may be described respectively as acute, subacute, and chronic.

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he complained was in the left thigh and knee, which ceased before

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Dietetic Errors. — Dietetic causes do not ai)pear to have any im-

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glycuronates are broken up and the original levorotation b replaced by the

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This is chronic inflammation of the mucous membrane which lines

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difference should be ascribed to the extensive use of cider among the

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ess will be referred to later when the functions of the intestines are

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the great central cavities are lined by another similar membrane.

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not of sufficient general interest to warrant their extensive introduc-

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