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ures five centimetres recourse should be had to embryotomy.

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Visualization of both common carotid bifurcations was

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The value of the book is increased by short chapters containing brief

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regarding the surgical treatment of uterine malignancy in no uncertain tone.

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absorption from mucous membranes in general and some

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Name and describe the course of the arteries supplying

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larvae medullary cells may be frequently observed pushing

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United States Army Victor Vaughan of Ann Arbor and Shake

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Points against the Suprarenal Rest Theory. i. Why do hyper

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contradicted. In fact physiologists have proposed various theories to

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in which we lie open to this charge an unusually high percentage.

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was reinjected intraperitoneally with cc. of horse serum. This group was

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a watery whey is indicative of the presence of this organism.

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known solution. Should the color of the unknown solution when diluted to

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proved its approximation to the new fossil genus lt Ichthy

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