We fuck the sys­tem man

we fuck it through our LCD enhanced visions.

Take your pos­i­tions, fall­ing into pose for

vari­ous peti­tion missions

turn­ing up our nose,

We fuck it up like this:

Click click click!

To your indecisions

We’re tak­ing down the empires and

Roar­ing as the dis­sent grows.

There goes, New-Rome, the US and old Great Britain

col­lapsing into the dust

coales­cing into the hands of us;

one online opin­ion at a time.

Have you got yours, – ‘cos I got mine.


Down down down!

go the barriers,

the colo­nial lines, are dis­in­teg­rated into pixilated

shrines of antique tumblr reminiscence

hung drawn and quartered clones

now kitsch in their antithesis.


We’re tak­ing down down down!

The walls of the old mas­ters with

pho­to­graphs and videos on our mobile phones.

Sud­denly res­ist­ance has risen in an instant and

Ber­lin, border-security and the banks are ours,

won with but­ton mash­ing passion,

the power of reb­log­ging until 3 in the morning

And the per­sist­ence to ignore

per­sonal hygiene and a cor­por­ate– Friendly

online per­so­nas.


Pow pow power!

We’re look­ing at the big­ger pic­ture now

On our higher res­ol­u­tion screens

We’re kid­napped social media

and we’ve spiked your dreams

we’ve got no end goal yet

but we’ve already stolen the means.

Medal­ing with trans­mi­sion of cily­con scenes:

with witty cap­tions we’ve crashed and crunched,

jammed and flunked con­sumer cultures,

we’ve sunk the sig­nal ship and

spammed the vultures.


We get strip-searched

and we delete our inter­net history.

We write for­ums and we

dis­solve the mys­ter­ies of physics,

essay ques­tions and music genres

one open-source Wiki­pe­dia page at a time.


Down down down loading

the let­ters that con­nect us

into col­lect­ive consciousness

cas­cades of crit­ical clicks and

net­works explod­ing like fireworks

blind­ing serv­ers and online services.


Reb­log, repeat, skip let­ters, delete.

Share, refresh, splurg, retweet,

con­fess, con­verge, but never end sess-ion.

This revolu­tion is up to your anonymous

proxy server’s discretion

So stay on, whatever you do, stay online.


We have pow pow power! We the boys and girls

who take

Down down down!

the cen­sor­ships (who hois­ted their sails

and once fired can­nons into the sea of surfed urls)

now exterm­in­ated

inform­a­tion bar­ring now terminated

cor­por­ate cook­ies now confiscated,

and the end of power trips taken

as they anchored

their ways into our

pir­ate bays and on line islands.


Pow pow power! Has fallen to us in just hours

As we steal back the social sov­er­eignty to

intel­lec­tual com­mons prop­erty that was never ceded.

Pow pow power!

Stolen through sig­nal scram­bling of specialized

Out­sourced, enforced, work

mono­pol­ies profit­ing from inform­a­tion poverty.


Now we are the ones

Seiz­ing syn­thesis of the simulacra

Sim­u­lat­ing situ­ations to satisfy

stimulation-saturated dial up dilations

We are the ones mak­ing our own

kit­ten gifs and pho­toshoped imaginations.


Pow pow power!

Taken from towers who mon­itored and

trade­marked our time

Imposed ads until they restrict minds

For­cing us into broad­band atten­tion spans

That have now lost their patience


Down Down Down!

go inter­net spines who Copy-Righted lines,

filled instead with

Cre­at­ive and crit­ical inform­a­tion watersheds.

quot­ing Chom­sky, Swartz, Gal­li­ano, Assange,

and our favour­ite porn movies.


Because we have won:

Sprung the leak of intel­lec­tual property

Shar­ing the no longer privately owned

digit­iz­a­tion of our own DNA,

and plant genes that are part of us, not patents.

Reori­ent­at­ing flows of information

We are the act­ive mimetic generation

dis­cov­er­ing direction

Now now now!

we take back gov­ern­ment schemes

stor­ing secrets about war zones, tor­ture or chem­ical agents

and we dis­solve them

one online action at a time,

one noc­turnal night at a time

one online life at a time.

Have you got yours – cos I sure got mine.

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