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tors and the Primate Research Center Directors. The DRR Director partici

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In every case the projectile found was an ordinary round one and

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occasionally observed when the serum has been given in amoebic

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widens the horizon of preventive medicine and the treatment of disease

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how valuable Auenbrugger s invention was in the diagnosis

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what responsible for the too slow growth of appendical surgery.

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wasting is well nigh universal affecting not only arms

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lungs indicative of a mild leptospira infection. Direct search for

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a day. The urinary output increased in proportion. His appetite was unusually

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the thigh was supposed to be inflammatory and was treated

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although as occurs with a strong infusion or tincture of saffron it looks

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There is yet another muscle. It is ivithin the eye a circular

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the chancroid or soft chancre and its complicating lym

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pages of the book and restrict to a very moderate diet of

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Service. The effects of tellurium are thus summarized

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seriously affect the digestibility of food and one if not the

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into the intestine becomes stopped and an abscess is formed.

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replaced them by an admirable power of resistance and

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Q. Peyer s patches are oval groups of lymph follicles

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nographic study of rural school administration. Res Rural Educ

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Erysipelas Gangrenosum. As the name implies this form is

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bony structures as well as the teeth. In correcting the dental

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guished position. He has been a physician to Lord Monck

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us to modify somewhat the application of these measures. Foremost among

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from New York County Association. Only one has been lost

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mation partly upon the changes in quantity and quality of the lymph

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Where death occurs within the first three weeks it is almost always

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lesion of anterior roots and spinal horns with peripheral neuritis whilst

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course should be sent to the Registrar not later than

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short a time as to justify one in not anticipating leakage. Of the

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Avhat toward the opposite side of the cell. In these cells the slightly

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