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they begin earlier and are more marked. There is the same dilatation of the

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perature may be normal or subnormal and is hardly ever high. The course

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life insurance companies. We all respect them, and we

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The percentage of mortality by age in 5,000 cases of scarlet fever.

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Having been attacked by the grip, with his usual energy

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considering the application of a strong, healthy man who

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examiner who knows when to suspect a fraud and how to

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Some time ago I wrote to the life insurance companies

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kindly disposition has endeared himself to all his associates ;

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134 guests were ill, and of these 11 had typhoid fever, and at Southampton

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coughing occurred 566 times in the 1,553 intubations. In many of the

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thoroughly studied by Neisser and Wechsberg. The work of Ribbert with

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variola, derived directly or indirectly from human sources. The term "spon-

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A point which frequently comes up for decision is the advisability of a

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culture of bacilli with suicidal intent, there was headache and malaise on the

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Another point of much consequence in these cases is the

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from the metamorphosis of the non-nitrogenous elements of

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will be stained a deep blue. It is not necessary to stain the

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much more was heard regarding surgical scarlet fever.

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and the absence of bile in the stools are in favor of the catarrhal form. (6)

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are found, and they are more apt to be sporadic. The exposure must be but

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In this case, as was shown by the extensive pericarditis and the great

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"Similarly in loss of use of the leg, benefit was derived

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cultures; negative results leave the diagnosis still doubtful. Fortunately

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different arthritic attacks, corresponding in all respects to

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the 19tli century it was 12,534 and 7,856. Toward the end of the second

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gested is absorbed into the circulation and carried by the

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by Romer, who found that treatment of the conjunctiva of one eye with abrin

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