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Report of a Case." The author reported a very rare case of symmetrical

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the various diseases incident to pregnancy. It has even come to be considered by some

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form a pleasing and instructive study, and with this idea the ap-

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XXIV, 1 30; from Sextius Niger [Wellmann ed., Materia Medica

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The peritoneum covering the intestines, and lining the walls

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produced outside of the living body in proper culture media.

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ing, with purulent sputa, and there was still dulness on percussion at

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Calculus. — A solid concretion found in various parts of the

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ing was discovered in the right side of Douglas's cul-

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lie felt sure, was as yet not prepared for it. Dr. F.W.Gampbell

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boards. It was characteristic of these mild forms of valvular disease

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great variety of names. The name typhus, introduced by Sauvages in 1759,

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the superiority of the Tibetan and Nepalese Bhutia, diet and the

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In social matters, the mean duration of human life, and therefore

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the effect is almost instantaneous. It may, therefore,

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were emptied into it. It is altogether likely, how-

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sessed by a young German, it is impossible to understand. As

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Dr. Turner states that on one occasion when called upon by the

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Both suffered rupture of the tympanal membrane of the right

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undoing the strapping. The bichloride of methylene is the

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is found not to be sufficiently enlarged to refer them to dilatation,

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the organism rarely takes place. Guinea-pigs are relatively refrac-

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and a record of the patient under these conditions showed the same

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irregularly stellate pigment masses which we see in retinitis pigmentosa,

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It is diagnosed when the heart shows irregularities, superposed

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with 2 c.c. of a 5 per cent, glycerin solution and centrifugalized yield an

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ticulum in which all the urethral coats take part ; that they

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seized with a Sexton foreign-body forceps and readily removed.

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sylvania. In one octavo volume of 540 pages, with 129 en-

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Now, I am not going to argue the question of Potter's fetal death-

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