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too rashly, from the peculiar fetor and off'ensiveness of the sanious

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Pepsine wine, on the use of, in the artificial feeding of infants. By W. J. Cummins,

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When, finally, the periods do appear, they are apt to be irregular, occurring


" ovine," must be taken only from those sheep in which the course of

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membrane this may be considered the cause of the absence

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been due to small omental hernias, four in the alba linea and

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6ite point of the pelvis — that is, between the foramen ovale and

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account of. any transaction, matter or thing concerning which such per-

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followed by difficulty in speaking, with occasional comji

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8iat be has known this treatment to prove highly useful in two cases.

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C. M. Hoover, wife and daughter, of Alliance, spent a week at

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wliile in pure physic his success lay more in his savoirfaire and his

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10. D'angelo, G. J., Benson, W. R., and Grimson, K. S.

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Examination revealed the fact that the patient's features were

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cause a nonsuppurative pericarditis in association with sub-

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3.— Cardiac Drugs.— O. T. Osborne believes the increasing

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ence repeatedly in several samples of urine is pathogno-

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thoric, but there was no need for bleeding after the use

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Vakfitine Thoeny, Tell, Buffalo County, Wiscoyisin.

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resent a round celled sarcoma. Considering their lo-

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drainage is so surely a cure for cystitis that, in these cases, the

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symptomatic, it seems scarcely warrantable to attempt the pro-

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