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sylvestris, another at the top of the branches of the Pinus maritimus,

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is the case in the christian States. In the lower animals, the

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the palms of the hands, or on the thenar eminences. Performers on

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tube labelled RP/DC and 1 drop of donor's plasma in a

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night ; or, if the patch be a small one, a lotion of perchloride of mercury

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wooden applicators or toothpicks ; wax pencils ; capillary

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mainly directed against the diathesis ; by attacking each symptom as it

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into the light until, in the year 1850, Bouchut published his celebrated

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The bullae or blebs vary remarkably in size, from that of a pea to an

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are badly needed and none are at hand. Strong B serum

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With leprosy, sclerodermia, fibroma, and senile atrophy of the skin,

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of the conjunctivae, swelling of the eyelids, and a burning or itching

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(32). Definite evidence of its specific character is still absent (16, 17, 67,

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liminary trial of the effect of change is very great. We must be assured

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standing prayerful, with a full-sized devil grinning over his left shoulder.

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side with the other that we can arrive at any useful conclusions.

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the percentage of persons tried in the various classes, groups, and

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mark. It is important that all blood adhering to the

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three very interesting cases of tattoo syphilis, the skin having been

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Page 454, line 35, for " Idioglossia. — This name was given by the late Dr.

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Until recently sycosis was described as being either parasitic or

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sexes, more often after middle age, and in marasmic subjects. In

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shock ; on the other hand, the causation may be gradual and yet the onset

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has been indifferently used and loosely applied ; it has been considered

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tracts, both of which cause spastic paraplegia ; unilateral descending

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observations in 1889. Some cases were, however, recorded as examples

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