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and little or no fats, and the results obtained in the

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If an artery or a great number of capillaries be compressed, or other-

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jured, uninfected, unexhausted women. Four were done for tu-

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localization of the affection designated " pelvic peri-

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vaginal adenosis, epithelial changes of the vagina and cervix. Although these changes are histologically

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Donor course in hospital to include pressor requirement and

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as the closing paper of the meeting, an almost startling

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he was enabled to trace the historv and course of each indi-

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firm basis. Statistical evidence is lacking with regard to many parts of

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but a creator of a future race of thinking, reasoning men and women,

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the hands. The prolonged local use of silver preparations may

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that are noticed in those w ho die of Asiatic cholera.

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vocated of late years by a few physicians, that the

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man being associated with cholecystitis (Flexner). In experimental

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disease. Partial exclusion of pancreatic juice from the intestine and

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A short distance from Elizabeth City' is Elizabeth-

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year, but for the previous five years the patient had had to be tapped

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to remain in, as has been done by others. Of course, no force

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securing strict asepsis. Not infrequently can the true source of infection be

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out of 14) ; a third relapse^ 9 times (1 out of 166); and a fourth relapse,

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irritable condition of this organ, principally, must be ascribed

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ton, exemphfied so well for thirty-five years the life

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deglutition is accompanied by forcing air into the oesophagus and

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1. A Review of 300 Abdominal Operations. Ehkendorfer.

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up with collodion dressing, and the patient directed to lie on the wounded

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well, discovered a pecuhar leprosy-like disease m rats, the lesions

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had to arrange that they should no longer be allowed to exploit

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Great Britain somewhat less than 1 per cent, of the match-makers have

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