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.-:: H. Jones, C. H Kroger, C D. Lander, V. M. M'lntosh, E Matthew,
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and in so important a matter to obtain combination of forces,
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wi-h a f-ecretary, tl e health officer of the port of Astoria, the
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them wpre not able-bodied women. Provision should be
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sidered immediate CDnstituents of the cells, as he obtains them after sub-
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bire of membranes. At one point it did pass across in a
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increase in the tax paid by medical men for tlie right of
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among the causes which have hitherto deterred the Govern-
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he was to do. No sooner had the matter been reported to
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been permitted. 1 found the patient with au excellent S'rur de cftarilt^,
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rate ot 24.9 per 1,000. The lowest rates were recorded in Lisburn and
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ration of its nucleus. The chief criticism that had been ad-
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been weaned five weeks after birth, and appeared in perfect
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tfi'e.Tt.raent at the last moment, a change of plan for which t'ney were after-
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of parasitic bodies, which he had observed in carcinoma.
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the office of Secretary to the Ophthalmological Society, and was
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ment before the death or resignation of the medical officer
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ing its contiguity to the equatorial zone, can be classed
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organisation or any sanitary precautions, to Cashiiiere, ria Muriee u

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