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cles will produce disturbance of either the cervical vertebrae or
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general cfi ects of turpentine upon the body nor oi the probable
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ST. IVES UNION Medical Officer for the Warboys District.
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tion. The gentlemen who kindly Saw the case with him said that they
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from this suppurative knee center. That in the act of
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in October on account of a very annoying eruption which
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If this fail the aid of music is appealed to and arrangements are
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Treatment. Experience has confirmed what reason teaches that one
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or magnetizing them with the hands which were applied on the epi
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dity and repair of tissue by new growth are estimated in this
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for hvv o bo examined at intervals. I do not do either of
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and the girl could not be roused by agitation concussion or ordinary
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Hospital and Dr. Warner the superintendent describes
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fecting lateral traction. The whole apparatus can be suspended by
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is known upon the subject in a condensed form at the command of
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serviceable. Gatheterism may at times be indispensable both in acute
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Compression. Dickinson Britisli Medical Journal No.
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deep stitches with the uninterrupted sutures. Lastly
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mouth are likewise all attended with salivation in greater
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in cholera glanders in horses echinococcus invasion lepra rabies and hel

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