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camphor poultice to the bowels. April 28th, 7 o'clock A. m. —

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children to school teaching imposed upon them by the

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kept in view by those who are employed in preparing designs and

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upon the same structural lesions which belong to that

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The association of joint affections with dysentery was first noticed

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From time to time, accessions are being made to the Anatomical and Chemical Ap-

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from the so-called diphtheria of scarlatina and measles which

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uation, and a disease every where discussed* A subject that embraced more, that

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the peritonaeum, the lungs, the pleura;, the colon, and the mucous mem-

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not rank as a malignant disease, for the reason that it chiefly attacks

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caseous degeneration, calcareous deposit, and mucous softening ; and not

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tricts, as at Lausen, Switzerland; Paris, France, etc. Usually when

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like those just mentioned, the cellular tissue of the limb from the trochanter

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a portion of those liberated from the proteins, peptones, etc., can be used by

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In one of Dr. Dercum's cases the ponto-bulbar symptoms

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His long experience in the practice of medicine and surgery

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indeed, as if it were an attack of cholera ; but while he is coming, there are

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existing evil, he suggested that it should be considered contrary

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same forearm. He then exposed it to the energy of an

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gia affected the whole of the right side of the body ; finally, ramollissement, re-

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proving that a part of the rabbit's liver can function for the whole

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river. But what most of you do not know is, that in addi-

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the cold weather, and they sometimes bleed rather freel3^

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the facial paralysis persisted. He had abdominal dropsy a

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effect of the operation was to improve phonation rather than

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the secretary, Dr. Benjamin Lee, stated that nearly 50% of the

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• Delayed implementation of scheduled IVledicaid cuts

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hardly suited for patients who have to go about their

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cise lectures by the ablest teachers of the leading medical coll^;es.

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I. Having discussed the matter of State Medicine with many doctors

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their disease. There is no doubt that many of the patients attacked

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duration, was treated with daily irrigations of 0.5 per cent, solu-

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ed with an acrid condition of the urine, which is high-coloured,

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stage, in which the periosteum and internal viscera suffer

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Internal or germinal causes, i. e., causes within the ovum itself are

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syringomyelia, by the predominance of trophic lesions and the loss of tactile

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referred to as a new disease, but the various manifesta-

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the Federal Forces, I deemed \t to be my duty to deliver this Report, in person, to the Surgeon

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