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antecedents, and it is not a family disease. The infants attacked present

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sistent, chronic). The smallest vessels of the papillary layer, or of the

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of such material, where the friends and surroundings supply the elements

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formis of Duhring ; or (iv.) a congenital traumatic bullous disease, which

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two sides, except as part of a general spasm in which the whole of both

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that, when we are confronted by them, our chief duty is to make out the

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and extension at the others, from preponderant contraction of the inter-

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munificence, it pleased him to pretend that he was a miser.

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pale waxy white, yellowish, or brownish in colour ; and sometimes faintly

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of insanity as the outcome of a morbid psychical condition. We not

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lives in too many cases are narrowed out of proportion to their powers

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The Roentgen Rays in Medicine and Surgery as an Aid in Diagnosis, and as a Thera-

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was put to bed. At first a lotion of glycerine of subacetate of lead was applied,

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aphasic as well as aphonic. Indeed the inability to speak is even more

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paper, setting the paper aside for a moment until the

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tion, organic conditions of the stomach (dilatation, displacement, etc.),

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erythematosus the adherent crusts and morocco - like surface are a

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to the feasibility, advisability, and best convenience of hav-

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confluent, it may simulate the mottling due to feeble circulation, or to

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many thought a very bad physician, but others cried him up

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originated schools of thought and systems of religion, have been subject

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such ponds or small collections of stagnant water as for any good reason

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areata. Instances occur where one member of a family has had bald

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Sex. — The statistics of different observers vary too much in detail to

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