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The two foHo^ving cases prove that the method can be

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assured us there was ' no loss to count,' " and the Star con-

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the ferment is actually formed from the foreign proteid in-

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tected will at once be attacked. Something depends upon the

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many, but I do object to pay for it as English made ; and I think that

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made a good recovery, and left the hospital on August L'lst.

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peared for the plaintifi's; Sir E. Clarke, Q.C., with Mr. R. A. Germaine

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indirectly to the discovery of remedies for some hitherto in-

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operation is rare under 2 and over 50 years. The small num-

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actions. Valuable as micro-chemistry is, however, as a means

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unsafe to draw conclusions as to the effect of preventive mea-

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numbers on the medical side are about the same, this would

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gradual intensification which occurred in the " sixties."

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In some cases, frequently repeated medicinal doses of lead

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anyone he thought unfit, and that there was a "special

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cholera it is impossible to state ; but he points out that very

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ing which time 4| drachms of chloroform had been sprinkled

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Since then there had been no further trouble. Reference was

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Mr. Mayo Eobson, Mr. Hewetson, Mr. Wakd,' Mr. Seckeb

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serted, which was removed on the fourth day. The bowels

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as the final result of irritation. Hence we use a more compre-

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The first general meeting of this newly formed Society was

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finitely better than an insecure one behind it. These results

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tion from Sir Spencer Wells on the Advance of Cremation,

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necessary information, and it would be sent to all justices'

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