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ords, the following candidates were elected to membership, there

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this matter of brain-training, do we properly appreciate the fact

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allows of no movement, and is aggravated by the slightest touch ;

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those of the bullet. The latter may be in the medullary

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knowledge of this serious disease. I think it may be affirmed

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peculiar process. This poisoning, if by amylic alcohol, is such as

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hend, and are so easy in their actual application, that they

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always abreast of the knowledge of the times, and ready

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of the time, the present work has been projected and partially

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us in the beginning of his labors our esteemed friend and fellow-worker, Charles G.

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oftener attacked than men. It is often said that trouble, anxiety, and other

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full, compressible ; no heart-murmurs ; face somewhat flushed ;

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swollen, owing to the sting; but the swelling quickly disappeared with cold-

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east or west of the time meridian. This simple arrangement, which

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experience will probably teach him to question or modify, — this

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of interesting reading. New York : D. Appleton & Co.

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gives favourable results in these cases. After the Man-

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impressions, cold, extreme fatigue, or hunger, it is most

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little patients whose ills are so often understood rather by a

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become fatigued, and the patient is thus equally incapable of sus-

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ing Three Varieties Observed in Buffalo"; "The Oppler-Boas Ba-

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Dr. Henry Minton, the editor of "The Homoeopathic Journal of Obstetrics,"

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The injuries of neutral cerebral zones (frontal region)

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upset, and a simple gastric disturbance, which two or three

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six : whereas in Boston, not above one in thirty-five died. The

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Presbyterian clergyman, and was a woman of rare physi-

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of the opposing muscle, as by the old procedure. The amount

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would only weary you. Let me only ask you to recall the

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converted into one of the most up-to-date contagious-disease hospitals

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word, is not in the child's power in his first weeks. He begins

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disinfection. No splinters should be extracted, excepting

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It must not be forgotten that the flat facets they show are

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.■.IS j;r,iduated with honors in the <-lass of i;;S9. After

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ject to articular rheumatism ; thus, servant' girls and coachmen are frequently

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Death occurred at 5 p.m., after a struggle of forty-six hours,

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