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tor, and vegetarianism is suggested as a prophylactic and curative

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army at Washington barracks have invented a device designed

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rod the wire gauze is pushed along the tubing, forcing the

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fully established, and it is very evident that the malarial poison exerts

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case of placenta pra3via to deal Avith. As a matter of

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experience, to be indispensably necessary in the treatment of the

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canal, still the sac fiUed with tears ; and, lastly, the syphon theory

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chester, N. H,, to Fort Ethan Allen, for assignment to duty.

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and it is certainly encouraging and stimulating to learn

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shock upon the nervous system was neuralgia ; then the

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cases of cholera, which have been received within its

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the questions which are now so rife as to the distinction between

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of the general practitioner, who, even if he cannot agree with all of Dr

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appearance. The invasion is marked by pronounced coryzal symptoms, with

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three and one-half yeais of age, who, eight years ago, had

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nosis of the kidneys the amount of normal constituents (nitrogen

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These fevers occur epidemically or endemically and are accompanied

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to infiltrate the tissue between the peritona-um and the pelvis, stripping

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their patients in the reclined position until they believe that a

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of showing. Also a complete line of Hats, including

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merely for the bounty. One chap confessed that he had ffassed his

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Reading in 1898, " is not merely morbid anatomy, but the in-

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early presentation of the head dilating the os more thoroughly than the

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for the acquirement of this accomplisliment is the learning

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Society for laying aside the traditions of obsolete sur-

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the disease may not have a limited seat, as is generally the case,

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constriction round the throat or chest, a slight discomfort in talking, as if

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patient — all men of large experience in the treatment of frac-

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drug should be preceded by a dose of calcium chloride.

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ing unaffected. For example, the infiltration of liquid into the interstices

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of these, lesions, one of frequent occurrence, is the substitution of fat for the

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brandy and chloric ether. He died. The third case, a girl

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spectable as the city affords. I remember he had diagrams and a model

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