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and practical suggestions are rarely found in the conventional
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head tilted forwards, some of the fluid is observed to flow readily along the
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lium, probably not the result of pinching the gland, and this is regarded by
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The case from which this specimen was taken was that
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1. As regards the volume of air wliicli can be expelled from the
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the conclusions here arrived at will afford to medical men means
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diphtheria bacilli were found. In some of the cases of noma
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primarily ol triamterene, elevated BUN and serum creatinine, abnormal urinary sediment,
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rates and, not infrequently, very considerably. This is in many in-
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valve in the endocarditic process, or, rarely, by relative insufficiency of the
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case which did not improve on this mixture. Such is the
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I have seen the nails thickened, with longitudinal ridges and transverse
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In regard to the first therapeutic creed, I will only remark that should
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It si)rings most frequently, however, from the combined cfTects of
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case I have just described to you. The vesicles were not

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