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Peruvian bark, either of itself, or in some one of its preparations, ii

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tincture have been recommended, but are little used.

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doze after dinner. The atmosphere he delights in is one

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tions of different kinds, and irritating cutaneous eruptions. A liniment,

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rious unpleasant accidents which are apt to follow, especially in hospitAls,

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disease, viz. stays. Dr. Fothergill has loudly anathema-

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has always a different smell and taste from old, which shews

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flannelists, and even yet, the public are not at one upon the

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tension of the muscular fibre, and it is owing to these circum-

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tion, or an excess of acid, will redissolve the precipitate in both in-

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ascribable to a volatile oil, which is the same in both plants, and exists

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powers, though there is no reason to suppose that they ever employed

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tue kept so if perfectly excluded from the air; but the least exposure

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erysipeliitous, to apply mucilaginous solutions wilti a view to their aoti*

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cious to interfere with the liberty of the subject. Time will

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referred to. In doubtful cases, great contraction of the pupil might add

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sjalem, stimulant both lo the circulation and nervous centres; and it is

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simple bitters ; in larger, excites the pulse, increases the heat of tlie

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tween two and three inches long, bare on the side at which it was

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cases, the dose should, in general, be less frequently repeated. When

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the dc])re8sed functions, and strengthen by due nutrition the debilitated I

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liable to burst ; but practice and habit in hardships may render the human

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