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common or cystic duct, or of the neck of the gall-bladder, by a calculus,

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wolf, car, and skunk. It is said by some to have occasionally occurred

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Credit is also due Dr. Harriet F. Rice for valuable assistance


standing case may lead to anxiety on account of the supposed existence of

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2. It may be brought about by increase in the bulk of the

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evidences of a neurosis. There are numbers of these cases whore the

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diagnosis. For, at that late period, the constitutional disturbances attend-

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sipelatous inflammation. Its contagiousness, period of incubation, and

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Location. — Sebaceous glands, mammary glands, thyroid, prostate,

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audible at the xijjhoid cartilage. It is always a harsh murmur, heard most

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Illustrating the locations of fractures of the inferior

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prognosis. The duration of an attack varies from a few hours to two weeks.

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out by means of an irrigating apparatus filled with an antiseptic solu-

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extravasation will be found upon the mucous surfaces, especially the

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intestinal catarrh than cause the expulsion of a hy]3othetical plug in the

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fluid. The alkalinity is due toammoniacal decomposition. The vomiting

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rounding tissues and organs, so that septic material once gaining access

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phthisis. Moreover, the fever in phthisis is subject to irregular exa-

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shrunken, indurated fellow ; hence, dulness will not be as well marked an-

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thirty the rate is fifteen per cent., with advancing years the disease is more

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of d Illness at the lower portion of the precordial region ; if emphysema

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the autopsy there were found none of the lesions of meningitis ; all the changes corresponded to those

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indifferent to both. Dulling and blunting of all the senses are common

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to acute nephritis, provided the individual exercises care in regard to expos-

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t'.icc. They assume a dark red or reddish-gray color marked with fine white

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so slight that it little affects the diagnosis or prognosis. Myocarditis may

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Varicella is an acute contagious febrile disease accompanied bv a vesicu-

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meninges of the brain (a rare occurrence) is indicated by delirium and active

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50 to 60 in children. When a patient complains in this manner during the

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some cases, no symptoms may be evident until ulceration takes place

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taken for its relief sometimes form a nucleus about which masses of im-

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This disease, also called aade yellow atrophy and malignant jaundice,

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In this dislocation, the signs are distinctive; the head of the bone

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so in pneumothorax. The breathing is broncho- vesicular in emphysema ;

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sion in the thorax, but a severe pain is referred to the heart, accompanied

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Etiology, — Pulmonary stenosis is rarely the result of endocarditis or of

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