Cloudy wet days in early spring

are like hit­ting the snooze button

again… and again in the morn­ing.
The sun shines for a day or two

and fills me and my city with dreams

of spring

time used productively

dan­cing into sum­mer spent blissfully



And then slip, trip stumble back into cold.

Cozy thoughts of hiberna­tion return

push­ing in over thoughts of spring,

like morn­ing rain wash­ing away intentions

of get­ting out of bed….

leav­ing the house,

and actu­ally doing anything.

Ugg, shrug, snuggle,

mumble some­thing about doing it later.

Stare from bed out at the day,

windy trees and drip­ping eaves…


But the nap is a trap

I wake frus­trated, gluggy and foggy,

cold house, bored doggy.

What happened to feel­ing inspired and elated?


I brew a pot of affirmation

my own take on herbal tea blends

from that elu­sive woman at the markets.

I mix “focus” with “nerve soother”

like drink­ing pos­it­ive thoughts

as if to flush the win­tery day away.

I need a tea called “Sunshine”

So I may brew and pour that

into my state of mind.

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