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opinion that the food taken is approximately the food burned.

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sized the imperfect and hasty mastication of food. In the mouth it

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that there is plenty of raw material to turn into the filler

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been collected with care, 73 cases and 35 deaths had occurred in this region

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with the bronchial and vesicular portions. The former

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Applicants must meet the full terms of the Admission Requirements set down

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the conditions were the best possible for the transmission of the bacilli

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The question of the removcH of metaUic fragments is dif-

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for two weeks after, then stopped, and menstruation re-

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understood and performed as long ago as 1737, by an itinerant boaster

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was always a slight trace of toxin or antitoxin in the first half centimeter, but

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that the only method of treatment was by some opera-

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texture ; and much nicety is requifite in the fubfequent drying,

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Dr. Zimmerman : I was much interested in the report of these

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It was found that the quantity of blood used to inoculate the

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it not also serve to perpetuate every species of error, and to retard the

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The treatUK'nt she was put upon consisted of a milk

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Mr. C. J. Fox ; Dr. Lawson; Dr. Makston ; Dr. Hingston ; Dr. Thorow-

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enter the bladder by fine filiform whalebone guides.

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Malignant disease rarely attacks the pancreas alone but

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apply to the limbs ammonia and oil, spirits of turpentine, and

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tature of a person. In tall persons it is observed- that- the bones of the lower

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series of experiments, two pounds of intestines were

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break the "habit" by withholding the drug and sobered up under their care. At other

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liaMuorrhages, and escape of blood on the mucous surfaces.

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life ; in warm weather tlicre is a difficulty in restraining the

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cian's point of view. Pop. Sc. Month., N. Y., 1899, Iv,

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author thinks that curettage prepares the way for cauter-

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513. Almond Icing' for Calces— Ingredients— 4 eggs, a small

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assertions of their ability to cure him, until he either sinks

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The submucous growths are most likely to be accompanied by hemor-

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52 cases, antitoxin was given and the amount recorded.

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