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further reduce urea and acidity and still more markedly flood

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mental mobilization of the stapes by any method yet suggested. — Ed.]

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tioned at unhealthy places, mainly in the torrid zone ; that the hygiene

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sufficient trauma to start an inflammatory process.

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results, and the patients do not go out improperly prepared to meet the

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colored fluid was aspirated from the latter side. Six days later more

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difficult, but these have not yet proved entirely reliable or harm-

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that a fold of peritoneum passes from the right ovary of the

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carbon dioxide and light on bacteria, and of the transmission of disease

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diseases of the lungs. It is difficult to distinguish these cases from genuine

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tinues with morning remissions and evening exacerbations, but there is

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kind of pygopagus appertain also the celebrated sisters, Millie and Chris-

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in cases with suspicious symptoms it is necessary to have such a

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" modern superciliousness " existed, and certainly before the discovery

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riers of the disease. Also, the presence of the bacillus does not

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commented upon by Fowler in his " Observations upon Appen-

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grounds, have not shown any advantage, and practically the choice lies be-

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injection of Argyrol 10%, 10 c. c. into bladder every 8 hours and internal

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It is stated that the volume has been prepared with the object of

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negative, uterine contraction present, some oedema of extremities,

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The physical circumstances of soils largely determine the facility and

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fession should properly appreciate this situation. It is necessary for

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those parts of the subject he has made so peculiarly his own ; " he has

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made to speak, to hear, to cease tremors." In some way or another

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for 1000 mgm. hours. Within 3 days the flow ceased, and it never

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require, to a great extent, the usual medical treatment for ulcer. These

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be regretted that patient's condition was such as to forbid any radical

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the mouth and throat can more properly be relegated to the preceding class.

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and the ability and energy with which it has been carried on. From

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protection against the roughness of the way and for that purpose

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Section 2, controlling the disposition of these drugs in the ways

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point, coupled with forcible bi-manual manipulations of the

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