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so as to favor all necessary and graceful movements. It is customary
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or uterine organs, may induce chorea in one predisposed to it, a
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to the condition of the circulatory api:)aratus. It ought, however, to
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is induced a condition of chronic thickening of these textures, which
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considered. Apart from this they are scarcely necessary. Their
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from them, therefore, that the typhoid poison is most abundant. For
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If such be the explanation of the relapse it is evident that cases
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his first memoir drew attention to the fact that children suffering
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tissues. And when to all these substances an abundant flesh diet is
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of the tumors attaining to the size of a pea, which are sometimes de-
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small openings. Through these canals, about eighteen inches long,
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infiltration, thus compressing the thoracic space which is already
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ished both in frequency and severity, and from an average of one a
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of it which is in direct relation with the fibrous rings and valves, and
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rubbing with a towel until the skin is dry, then roll up the child in a
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subject, but it has for various reasons been impossible to carry out
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and in many cases some anomaly of the sexual organs exists in association
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This theory is, in its fundamental parts, very old, but it has fallen
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Dickinson : British Medical Journal, Feb. 16, 1870.
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aliling them to transport and to discharge in a soluble state the uric-
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ciated with lead i:)oisoning. When that complication exists the sever-
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With tlie development of tliese clianges iu the various vital organs
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small intestines. The action of the secretion of the pancreas is of
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poison to cause an attack of fever so prolonged — if the whole of the
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embodied in the works of Sydenham, Musgrave,' de Sauvages,^
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further attention. Gastric disturbances are frequently acccomxjanied
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ansemia, etc. Anuria may be the cause. In some instances there is an abrupt,
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The sweet spirits of nitre in doses of from one-half to one tea-
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seen. They were early described by Hamilton, Phillipp, Goodak, Henoch,
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It usually occurs in the scalp and involves the health of the hair.
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gout, we abandon almost the onlj facts yet established by the stud}'
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in the cavity of the tympanum behind the ear drum. Wherever
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(gluten bread, almond bread, etc.), but all of these answer for a short
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Clinical experience teaches that when an organ has been the seat
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tion to the amount which exceeds the physiological quantit3\ The

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