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Documents Illustrative of English History in the th and th

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depression is maintained. The pharynx should be swabbed last as

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trophied intravaginal portion measuring two inches in length

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The examination sbould be made prtvaMlyand llllllyi Id B roOBI SpMt

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investigations there has developed a decided tendency to

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an apparently subordinate lesion for treatment. In nothing is the

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tion of the cartilaginous septum and in most instances it proceeds from

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while in other forms the presence of acari is the controlling fac

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in the distended belly of the calf. Some practitioners press a large

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and instructed the native doctor to inject again if the pulse did

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paralysis and atrophy of the muscles suppHed by the

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beneath the costal margin. The pulse became regular fell to per

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student medicine outside the confines of New York State

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all the State sanitary boards at which time this subject will

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Indeed to rightly read asylum statistics we must ever keep

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earlier because of gross abnormalities in her coagu

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thusiastic meeting held in years. All the members seemed to be

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forms previously mentioned by being capable of spontaneous

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seven and a half minutes is very exceptional and of ten

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fever whilst the second produces when injected alive or dead no

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meeting in consultation in a case of acute tuberculosis brought on

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we would soon require new text books artd perhaps our increased

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rupture of a kidney abscess was discovered blocking the ureter.

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tional derangement of the liver nervous irritability dyspepsia even

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of this medal he combined long practical experience and literary gifts

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use of opium and often of quinine and stimulants. No leeching

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paired by them. The actual pain perhaps is not quite so intense as

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mentioned above.as producing the disorder. Give salt daily when flukes

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We have repeatedly and urgently impressed on all our readers the public

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Dr M Call Anderson said that he thought that Ur Cassells had taken

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was scrubbed with soap and water the previous day and instructions

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