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enough to give it the appearance of an organized membrane. In appearance, it resem-

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was born, in about five minutes ligated cord. Then Dr.

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other absorbents in large quantities, and even to reject a part o£

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animals by experimental inoculations of the diplococcus; fatty changes

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and occasionally heavy pains are referred to the throat externally. Rarelyi

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more than the simplest surgery, to the voluntary hospital in the county

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the latter provided with three keys, one to be retained by the senior

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may stop the flow. Strong solutions of Alum, Sulphate of Zinc (white

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practised as frequently as it might be. He gives a case of a lad

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numerous epidemics, the rate of mortality falls between 30 and 40 per

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cerebellum and a dog or monkey after ablation of one half of this organ, is

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Prognosis. — The outlook is favorable if the condition is recognized

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