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over every other society of the same kind in Europe.
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If therefore we admit that there are nerves accompanying the
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pneumo-gastric are implicated in these tumours, the dysp-
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from him no dressings except the common roller — no lints, un-
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affords much comfort. BUsters to the chest, or turpen-
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foot or hand. The part itself is not alone subject to
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bury i. per .Mr. Gnrnbly, 58.; Thomas Elkiugtou, Esq. (Southam),
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have been so numerous as to render it unnecessary —
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of ty^je" is one which has been made theoretically to
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surface, as soft as starch;' employed in my description. The
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a man in advance of his age. He is our earliest health
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could only succeed in passing a very fine rather long
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been too frequently overlooked, and the two diseases con-
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twice through the flaps or sides of a wound, so as to
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and without chance of injiuy passed up to the orbit.
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injury done to one of its members is reflected by the
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and then exclaim, on seeing his patient grow rapidly
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Friday Westminster Ophthalmic, 1.30 p.m. — Royal London
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In the tasnia cases, I have been well satisfied with
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weak and exhausted from loss of blood ; that on being
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degree in medicine were granted except to those who
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tracted labour, ought not to prejudice us altogether
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scribed by the author, another class of cases, where
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officers, and acknowledge their services and kindness
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horizontal direction ; consequently, the effects of con-
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some indefinite kind of belief — on ordinary medical
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practice that may come to his knowledge, the fact being duly sub-
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The Hospital contains 350 beds, Clinical Lectures are delivered
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in the Dispensary of the Hospital— Fee for Three Months, £3 3s.
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other book in which he conceived the whole art of physic to be
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pointed in forcible terms to the danger of a rapid aggrava-
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1 My greatest delight has been to promote a melioration of the
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34. Tyi:>hus, which also shows a decline, was fatal
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and melancholia, savs, " Hi atfeetus soepe rices com-
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fleshy flap formed an excellent cushion with a bandage to press on

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