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countries. It is not known in America. If found in this coun-

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Artificial pneumothorax will restore to health from 40 to 50 per

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the nursery is very soon supplied; but such results

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heart of John Long, wjio had been terribly wounded. Though at first

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publickly by Van Horne. I was fellow student with Steno, who became famous after-

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College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. — Preliminary Examination,

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conspicuous presence of ulceration in the large intestine,

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Hun. CARROLL H. PARMELEE, Buffalo, • - • - 1901

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of silver, 60 grains, distilled water, 1 oz. When dry,

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cage, they bite and tug at the bars with the fury of a maniac, which

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odios Nacionales, has likewise introduced a Sister Cir-

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conception that a family lived there beside, would certainly

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Pigments. There may be marked increase of the pigments. Urobilin

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1^»OC»t^^'+|^-COCOO^~CCI>-T11rJ<^ — (>4l^TtlC\ll-^TtlC<ICClt^T-i<Nt^T-H

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It will be noted that among the practitioners of medicine in Olmsted County,

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in children up to six or eight years of age, especially those

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the same time alter the direction continually, in correspondence with the

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the Relation of Human and Bovine Tuberculosis," * after re-

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Absorption and Metabolism of Carbohydrates. — Under ordinary

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drainage-tube, I remove quite a piece of skin, making an elliptical incis-

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that of the coronary sinus ; it would freely admit a large crowquill.

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save one, there was an immediate increase of the quantity of urine

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When children are the subject of persistent chronic bronchitis it is

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condition of the urine should especially engage our attention.

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the labia. Causes: There are many causes that lead to prolapsus,

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The possibility of pain being due to some acute abdominal complication,

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This quantity is sufficient for a period of twenty-four hours.

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