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marine shell burst in the midst of it, and another entered the hall
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would immedialeiy be set at liberty. The court found her a fit object
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76 per cent. But in each of these countries the proportion of "fair" is
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tracted fevers, instead of the coma being induced by uremic
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febbri tifoidee. Raccnglitore, Fano, 1844, xiv, 309-322. —
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The decomposition of an electrolyte is not merely a
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1332) reports the successful treatment of fifteen cases of
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dimensions of a split pea, or of a bean, to a great
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tions. Percussion here returns a clear sound. I bled him, and
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ing great disfigurement ; but it is more common on the shoulders and
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first two or three years. The convulsions of the new-born may
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only indicates a state of things upon which all true lovers of the profes-
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It has already been pointed out in the first part of this paper that
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have been made, some proving the contagiousness and infecti-
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dition, 10,000 units should be given intravenously.
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from femoral anteversion and external tibial torsion has
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our teachers tried to make second grade, 12 being issued. I think it would be
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Materia Medica as a Science. By J. P. Dake, A. M., M. D.
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bladder, mentioned by Turck and Hemmeter, is introduced into the
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would open its eyes in astonishment. It would be found
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brace him as their only friend. Thid stimulated him to new exertions.
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