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arguments atlvanced have been largely of an academic nature. In

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that there was some mechanical cause preventing the free action

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8 Arrhenius and Madsen, Acad. Roy. des Sciences et des Let. de Danemark,

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advance), post free. Single numbers, 23. each. By post, 3d extra.

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than sixty-one years. The youngest was twenty-two years old. Only

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they contain ; but are not much employed as an internal

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man, so that perhaps I ought to say those authors divides cutane-

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cise an assimilating power over the light which enters their substance, that

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manent monument to Sir William Thomson. For ten years

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the subject is by no means exhausted. I have still to describe (1) those forms

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dilated the opening, and I had self-evidence on which to

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medium of the Journal, bui perhaps an ideal lack of time, and probably

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known they are going to have it. I have felt that these

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conclusion that the removal of the fetus had been in-

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out husks), baked potatoes, and finely divided green vege-

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Schools.— By Joseph Brown Cooke. Philadelphia and

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therefore by our knowing that the patient has been a spirit-drinker.

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Chronic gastralgia is apt to be persisting. Its duration, in diflTerent cases,

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the second, the facts already stated are perfectly fatal, as no-

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Case 5. — Mrs. D., aged thirty-eight, three children. I saw her

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the patient imagines he feels a hard object beneath the skin of his fingers

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dery, and often adherent into hard crusts. Moreover, one develoi>s

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of age. This patient complains of multiple arthritis, which has been

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less fortunate, although he invoked every possible anti-

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pact community a cosmopolitan population, where education

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for at first it prefers chlorides to sulphates, and later, extrudes the latter

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tumor formed by a dilated gall-bladder may be visible. Urgent as the

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adopted semper et ubique et ab omnibus is fundamentally right.

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incomplete development. The deficiency affects chiefly the anterior, upper,

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