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may continue to make appropriations for prosecuting a work
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depend upon a variation in the intensity of the contraction stimulus, because, as is
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THURSDAY, MAY 9 (See pages 173 and 174 for listing)
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chocolate drink carrying no suggestion of medication. It is readily accepted by
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along the lines of railroad over which southern cattle are shipped
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Army and Navy furnishes the practical incentive and justification
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relieve the pain. In this country I have seen blisters and
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different discharges. He has discarded this method since distinctly
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section did not begin to abate until the thirteenth century,
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in the production of the disease. For the rest, his descrip-
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admits this to be one mode of origination of pus corpuscles ; but
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part of the body of the stomach into the jejunum by a gastro-
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stance : His brother has four children, all boys \ the
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abdominal pain, which was more violent, and appeared as if she was cut with a
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applied for admission during the year, 1,372 were not admitted:
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and Martinet, "Recherches sur I'inflammation de I'arach.," Paris, 1821,
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while cleaning his gun after firing at the target. The whole contents
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hydrocholeresis— overcomes this biliary stasis. Under
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first day of the rash on the girl. The father took sick of the small-pox ;
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great and prolonged applause, showing complete unanimity on

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