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potassium. This rulio the nupruuiu court pronounces clearly

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that persons of regular characters and sober manners

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to the cause and not entirely to the result. The treatment

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The Therapeutic Gazette March by Dr. Beardsley. A side

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tors of markets and among the tradesmen. For a nom

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to be rendered so by the addition of dilute sulphuric acid.

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are still visible in part on San Miniato. Francis I. of

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followed the partial Weir Mitchell and the gradual improvement in

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to the quantity of pollen present in the atmosphere. In persons predisposed

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usual method of administration is by means of a rubber catheter to

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gards the removal of the spleen for rupture elusions materially increased in numbers.

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purated for long periods and necessitated the use of

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ber. She could not stand Avhen put on the floor her legs sank

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towns of England and Wales during the week ending June th cor

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the principle which I have often enunciated that the fellow

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which its efficacy in fever was supposed to be explained. Quinine was used

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Delegates was six. It was arranged that each examiner

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well if the term progressive muscular atrophy were to

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are often communicated by means of these wraps when

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jections to a small tube are that it is more easily blocked at

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ure is most difficult since there is no pathognomonic

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the defendant was that what she had promised was to be per

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irri tation which point of paihology has been clearly established with

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The mortality statistics as gathered at the Rochester Clinic by the actuary

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greatly altered in appearance. She stated she had caught a fresh cold and

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Eustachian tube and thus the waves of sound reached the laby

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generally be depended on to transmit his good points to

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In Van der Loeff found in lymph from the vesicles of vaccina

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Native races of Northern Canada. Can Med Assoc J May vol.

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one could at present make to our knowledge of tropical fevers

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electricity in its multiplied modes of action be not the chief

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