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Chloral, 20 grains, well diluted in water, may be given at one
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Samuel Appleton, elected by Trustees in October, 1819 ; by Cor-
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indispensable in determining its true nature. Findley
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dysplastic sequelae. Every complete displacement of the
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and out drunkards, who drink without shame or compunction, and who
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following final conclusions: (1) An early diagnosis
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vomited, and purged the same black-green fluid ; the pulse, colour, and
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cause I believed the charge would fall to the ground.
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prisms, with oblique terminations, combined with truncated,
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the recuperation of any diseased part, using the vital forces
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of therapy. The fact that many of the worst cases of malnutri-
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Wilson, G. B., passed assistant surgeon, detached from the "Con-
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narrow in their basis, in the opinion of this reviewer.
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Typhoid fever, like death, is no respecter of persons.
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125. Casualties and Nonbattle Admissions in a Division
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New Orleans has caused both Texas and Alabama to quaran-
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found to consist, not only in a degeneration of the nerve-fibres which pass
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which is going on in the tissues, to a desire only to moderate the too
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the close of the chapter, and often leave it so that it keeps aglow for
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this pencil with his eyes as I move it up and down in front of
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ey, claiming that the death under the circumstances
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treatment, with change of climate and a visit to some suitable spa, will
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with the escape of a little fluid the pulsation became obvious.
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111 dof^s they are found to inhabit the oesophagus, aorta, and
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firmer than usual, and on section the brain-substiince
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experiments to be made with convallaria in ascertaining its path-
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In anuria from other causes, diffuse nephritis, ascending pyelo-
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She was readmitted to the hospital on February 13, 1912, nearly six
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oC the- faradic current seemed to be especially applicable.
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What marvelous changes have grown from that theory !
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spoken words and understand them, though slowly, I infer a
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simple ointment will often be found serviceable; and for herpe-
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Fluid Extract may be given three or four times in the twenty-four hours.
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was considerable, and many of those who were not vacci-
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type has been observed may have been cases of appendicitis. The
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to the cost or value of the thing furnished, medical or surgi-
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formed of the dates of their societies' regtdar meetings. Brief noiifi-
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accompanied by endocarditis. These attacks differ in
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i; and the more the signs of psychical weakness increase, the
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