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glandular enlargements may be made to shrink and even disap-

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body it must be remembered that their influence on the nervous

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in the toes extended somewhat up my foot. My astonishment was

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They all look so much fresher and more robust and all volun-

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allow me to join with those but, on the contrary, forces me to

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guests were tendered a banquet, Dr. C. H. Goodman acting as Chairman.

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favorably. All these reports are of such a character as to make

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difficulty greater ; and I advise the schoohnen, in the interests of the schoolmen, not to ask

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tion is performed soon after admission to the hospital.

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lation exacted in this Province. We all seem to be desirous to bring about Interprovincial

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age, who had exhibited at intervals for nearly a year symptoms of

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beneficial than the now recognized methods, particularly the mer-

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man is transmitted directly to the encephalon and spinal cord be-

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duty of the chairman, or acting chairman, to sign and present the report.

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minds of many practical workers after long years of painstaking observation

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an unusually gifted linguist, translating with freedom from sight dif-

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Sec. 2. That there be in the Department of Health an assistant to

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coming from the ends of the earth and registering in the Province of Ontario for the practice

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His family history was good, and he had always been well

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The writer listened with much interest to a discourse bv one

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First. Has the clot remained so long as to cause destruction

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