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to empty itself only by increased work. If the valves are insufficient, the

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organ concerned. The large hydatid of the liver may produce but little

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tion of the tonsils. Acute tonsillitis is to be distinguished from chronic

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loss of consciousness, and by the fact that the convulsion is clonic. The

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which precedes the eruption is more constant and severe and has a much

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and bones in particular, and then especially when associated with ulcer-

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as arterial degeneration is possible at any age, so also is cerebral hemor-

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odors from flowers or even animals. In certain cases the attack of asthma

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which the symptoms were indistinguishable from those of a septicaemia,

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enlargement of the pharyngeal lymph-follicles are conspicuous features.

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use in our hands has survived more modern methods. The cold-water

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pathological process involving the peritoneum may favor the invasion of

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systolic retraction of the apex, frequently associated with which is a

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which is usually gradual, though sometimes profuse and immediately

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nium salicylate, which should at first be given until it produces distinct

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with or without spasms, and death occurs in the course of a few minutes

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glands, and is often very severe. In some cases, however, the only glands

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the stage bell rings and the curtain again rises, the auditory of the world

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mal murmur which in many individuals can be heard in the temporal

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eaten as hot as can be borne by the palate. It is, of course, essential

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me in this chair, I think it right to state what I consider a gre^,t dif-

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internal orifice of the sinus, and gradually brought it out through the

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appetite, nausea, colicky pains, numbness, cramp, irritability of the

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that "moisture and warmth tend to promote suppuration; and when

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warmth. Potassium bromide, ammonium valerianate, Hoffmann's ano-

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SYMPTOMATOLOGY. Ascending paralysis may come on abruptly dur-

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to have but one arm. We mean a combination of knife and fork,

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important in these cases to treat the secondary disorders of function

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SYMPTOMS. In simple bronchitis the attack often begins with sneez-

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diphtheritic, and phlegmonous inflammations. Desquamative or exfolia-

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duction of pylephlebitis, thus producing abscesses, although Dabney has

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in severe pulmonary embolism or thoracentesis, there may be violent dys-

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and tuberculosis it is held that positive results follow inoculation only

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other organs and thus lessen the strain upon the kidneys.

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more deeply stained than the other parts. The bacillus inclines to form

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when a large white kidney is found, and the paler the kidney the more

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Melancholia Mania Confusional Insanity Terminal Dementia N euro-

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person into good muscular condition, should be associated movements

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the disease is a neurosis, to be controlled by the use of arsenic and

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transverse area of dulness is but slightly increased, and the apex-beat,

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