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in addition, if the crop of oil has been abundant, a supply of

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odd symptoms, the patient had " a pecuhar convulsive voice-sound,

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that impregnation could take place at any time. But it is well known that in

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may be controlled, but not that it can be cured. Consequently

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these being amputations at the shoulder-joints with 4 deaths, and 2

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the coming generation, should be looked at with dread, and repelled with indigna-

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when, at the age of thirteen months, the child was admitted

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New York, is 2650 in a total of 23,530; or about 14 males to 11 females. The

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assistance in performing large operations about the lower part

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sarily associated with transverse striation ? Such cannot be

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rable account of what he well designates '' the waste of infant

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more stringent external precautions than have, for many years past, been deemed

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by the air, but the first condition for its development is a high

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expectoration of consumptives, BCabs from old sores, poisonous matter from small-pox,

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the outlines found on the board are rapidly transferred, and the

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