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Fisher, Walter VV. R., Captain and Assistant Surgeon, is re-
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distinguishing characteristic of which is an amusing
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a more intermittent range in the temperature. These
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pretation was to be placed upon Credo's advice to express
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more than if he had simply lost the leg. Do you think this
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Ptggott Tumor Conference, third Wednesday, 12:00 noon, Piggott Hospital, every four months.
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twice a day during a time of cholera, and inquire whether there
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rider who bestrides him. I have seen numerous instances
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distal side, and he knew — he had known for nine years — that
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cranio spinal axis, produced hy dffidency of nutrition in
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January 10, 1896, discusses the significance of micro-organ-
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name seems to have no chance of being generally adopted, although its use
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