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plaster jacket or other spinal assistant, but it should be

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and highly vascular; the rima glottidis was quite pervious.

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use, besides that usually ascribed to it. That this momentary rest is suffi-

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position by the assistants, he resisted with a rigidity of muscle that appeared

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goes for many years with contracted fingers and toes.

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sion, with the view of avoiding the loss of so much of the lip as must neces-

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in the majority of cancers examined. The pleomorph-

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and the other behind the opaque membrane. This manoeuvre may, I think,

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and skin from the dorsum of the penis; the second, bladder

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from paroxysmal pain, dependent probably on a tvrist-

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vasomotor paralysis together with somewhat widespread

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creased. Spirit taking for the same reason is often

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The discussion of tuberculosis of the hard and soft

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cases.* In every case, however, bleeding appears to have been employed.

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a wound as large as the palm of one's hand, tearing away the skin and

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truded, the point decidedly drawn to the left side ; speech very thick and

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must express equal ignorance with themselves. It is much to be regretted

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products is, not more legislation, but a more sensitive

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