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deep»er in the urethra by his compressing fingers.

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guinal region there was a firm, broad mass the size of an

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Lecturer on Diseases of the Skin, West London Hospital

lamictal lamotrigine depression

during the operation puncture of the intestines to allow the escape of the

how much does lamictal xr cost

hemorrhage and of haematomyelia is discussed, and the analogies for a men-

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hygiene of the individual are the best agents ; these include the proper in-

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carried out systematically with all the patients admitted to one of Heubner's

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adults was properly set at the third decade, or be-

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vertical plane that passes through the point of fixa-

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venders the book of special value to students. The treatise may as a

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a medical school to maintain its existence or at least

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to treatment, its true nature is not suspected until the process is deeply

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should it cause burning sensations. An ointment composed of acet-

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growth of the city asserted itself by an increasing volume

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oped in the institution. Two of the cases, with on-

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tioned, and yet few of us would hesitate to suspoct

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element of elimination, and, further, the accumulating evidence that

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Ba.rker (Tram. Clinical Society of London, 1886, xix. p. 109) reports

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<S. An Historical \otc on the So Called Lnd wig's Angle

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Washington. D. C, M?y 3 to 5, rgio, before a joint session of

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cers scrz'ing in the Medical Corps of the United States

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palms and soles became affected with blebs, some of which were large in the

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scarlet fever, 62 cases, 5 deaths ; cerebrospinal fever, i case,

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Leavy. — In Albany, N. Y.. on Tuesday, July 19th, Dr.

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kologie, 1897, No. 1 : The first was that of a multipara who had a rhachitic

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cerebellar tumor the site of which could not be de-

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that most helminths secrete a more or less irritating-

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Hospital, and chairman of the ambulance committee of

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Two of the infants had hereditai^v syphilis, and at the autopsy were found

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pounds, lo-day he weighed but 123^^ pounds, five feet two

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2. All case of arterial degeneration in which a remedy which causes

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a lew stewed prunes in the morning with his breakfast (as

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premature labor, and tedious spontaneous labor. The true conjugate was

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have insisted on the necessity of the application of

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2. Total extirpation of the larynx for squamous-celled epithelioma ; patient

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vaginal discharge. The symptoms abated, but three days

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1896, Xo. 42) a case in which a well-nourished and well-colored child had

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tion of the buildings of the Long Island State Hospital;

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The first official announcement of the appearance of the plague in

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activity lead to hypertrophy. A heart may beat for years faster than

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a positive or negative opinion in nearly all cas?s ;

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